Black & Green Avocado Classic Mayonnaise 220G

Volume: 220G

Brand: Black & Green

Category: Daily Foods / Organic Superfood

Country: India

• TASTE THE DIFFERENCE: Our mayonnaise is made from only 100% Extra Virgin Avocado Oil. Unlike most mayonnaise, you won't find any sneaky soy, canola or refined oils on our ingredient list.

• Black and Green Avocado Oil Classic Mayonnaise is 100% Natural and Certified Fresh.

• MADE JUST FOR YOU: Make the switch to a Mayonnaise that is flavourful and delicious without the harmful oils and ingredients.

• India's first clean Mayonnaise with permitted Preservatives to maintain freshness.

• NON-GMO, our ingredients are 100% natural and chemical free that are perfect for salads, sandwiches, tandoor, barbecue, dips and sauces.

US$ 10.28